Relieve You

by Night_Sky_Of_Feelings

Am I beautiful to you?
I hope I am
Because beside you I look hideous,
Next to you handsome, charming gentleman.

And I hope my smile is like a beacon
When you are suffocated
By the past shadows and illusions
Of your mind;

I hope my voice is like a lullaby to you
When I let you forget yourself
And lose yourself in my words
Whenever I speak to you.

I hope my eyes are enlightening to you
Whenever you look in them and smile,
Trying to forget your responsibilities
And the world on your shoulders.

But I hope my body is desirable to you,
Whenever we bloom our passion
Until there is nothing but ‘you’ and ‘me’
And the world is only a swirling vortex.

I hope my personality is wonderful to you,
Where you can absorb yourself into
My emotions and thoughts
Until you feel safe and secure.

Am I beautiful to you?
I hope I am,
Because I want to relieve your pain
With everything I have.


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