2nd place- freeverse poetry contest

Shadows written by: Night_sky_of_feelings

Shadows dancing behind my eyelids,
wickedly, wanting to lure me,
but when I open my eyes,
they’re gone like the wind.

In front of the fire,
light dancing on my face, my arms,
filling me with warmth,
while when I close my eyes you two dance.

A beautiful dance,
light and shadow,

You two holding in each other’s arms,
dance like wild flowers through my sight,
and yet it sometimes seems like a fight,
who will win, the dark or the light?

A dance full of grace and elegance,
full of danger and power,
who wears the danger, the power?
and who of the two of you have the grace and elegance?

Oh, mesmerizing,
So subtle.

Swirling, dancing,
Can I hear swords clashing together?
Or even the battle cries you give,
while dancing your unending battle in a dance?

The dark is whispering wickedly,
to lure me, wanting to dance with me.
The light is whispering gently,
but with force, wanting me as their partner too.

No, I won’t dance with you,
but I’ll watch you,
because your dances are so beautiful,
but before it can even end, I am asleep.

you still dance, but not in battle,
or to lure me to dance with you,
no, those are the shadows of my dreams,
and I dance with them when I can’t see you anymore.

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