The Negativity of LCD Light on your Eyes

Do you find yourself staring at computer, phone, or tv screens all day and night? Increasingly the answer to this question is yes. Do your eyes hurt after a while? Do you get headaches? Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Increasing the answers to these questions are yes too. Many people work on computers during the day and spend leisure time on they’re computers or watching T.V. at night as well. Your checking emails, writing, reading, playing games, etc. THEN wait what time is it you ask?.. because you can’t miss your favorite T.V. show!

The concentrations of unnatural light LCD screens produce and close viewing distance has been documented to cause eye strain. Studies have also shown that exposure to high levels of blue and white light emitted from LCD screens and other electronic screens disrupts the human circadian clock by suppressing melatonin. This is because the white and blue light wavelengths are supposed to be highest during the day.

How can you fix this without interrupting your routine you may ask? Computer eyeglasses have been one solution. These specialized glasses have helped you to: reduce the glare, adjust the color temperature (yellow tint). Anti-glare screen filters have been another solution. You place these screen “filters” over your device. They can come in the form of a film or as something that attaches to the screen and the filters need to fit your particular screen. Lastly, manually adjusting the brightness and color tones on your screens has been another time consuming solution.

Well we would like to share a fairly new free utility tool that you can install on your LCD device to help you reduce the harmfulness on your eyes; f.lux. It’s quick and easy to set up; only requiring you to set your time and what kind of lighting you are in. Afterwards, f.lux automatically sets the color temperature and brightness of your LCD screen based on the ambient light around you and the time of day. This promotes wave lengths of light in a much more natural and less destructive way which helps to alleviate some of the problems mentioned above.

Don’t forget to listen to your eyes and take a break!


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