A Tribute- tlhopkinson


When asked to again write a tribute for Poetry Month there was only one person in my head that qualified for this honor. They are a shining example of all Thoughts Inc. has to offer us as well as a shining example of a good human being. This being said I would like to offer my thanks to tlhopkinson. Writer, moderator and poet extraordinaire.

Tlhopkinson was the only person to qualify because of the amount of poetry she has gifted us with in this month celebrating the written word. Almost every day this entire month she submitted a new original work. As if this wasn’t enough, the quality of each piece has been on the superior level and thought provoking. I can say that after reading each piece I walked away with a new perspective or a few new ideas to ponder. This is the skill of a great poet, to get their ideas across while still leaving room for the reader to have their own experience. I feel that tlhopkinson has mastered this skill fully.

Other readers and writers among us don’t think that I’ve not noticed you either. We’ve had so many great pieces of work submitted in the last year and just because I didn’t choose them or you doesn’t mean that you aren’t great in your own right. It takes all kinds of authors to make us great. You show us the world through your eyes and allow us to live in it for a little while, that alone makes you also worthy of mention here. Keep at it and refine your craft and maybe next time it will be you this honor goes to.

One of Your Own

Adventures of the Farmhouse on Route 6- by tlhopkinson

Tasting Rain- by tlhopkinson

Worlding- by tlhopkinson

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April’s freewriting contest winners


April’s Poetry Month Contest has come to an end! All of the works entered into the contest this month were exceptional, therefore, Thoughts Inc. would like thank everyone who wrote or voted in the contest! Without further ado the winners of the Poetry Month Contest are-

1st- Write to live- by c4a1g

2nd- Footnote to a Footnote- by tlhopkinson

3rd- Midnight- by uniquelylost

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Poetry Month – 20 Words or Less Contest

fine-lineFor this contest, submit a short poem no greater than 20 words in length. Any theme and any number of words less than 20. You can use as many punctuation marks as you wish. Using the same word twice counts as two words. For example: Hello there! How is the weather there? = 7 words.

Submissions: 4/16/13-4/25/13 @ 11:59pm EST.

The Prizes
1st= $20 giftcard
2nd= $10 giftcard

The Rules
1) Each member can only submit 1 writing per contest.
2) The writing submission must be your own work.

This contest will run until 4/25/13 @ 11:59pm EST. Afterwards, a poll will be opened for 5 days in the current contest forum for everyone to VOTE for a winner! The top 2 rated writings will then be judged by judge(s) of our choice. When the winners are determined they will be sent a private message that contains the Amazon giftcard numbers on our site. The winners will also receive forum badges and their writings will be added to the featured section.

Contest Forum


National Poetry Month Contest Winners 2012

Our National Poetry Month Contest has concluded! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest, especially all of the writers, the voters, and the judges. All the poems submitted were phenomenal, so without further ado the winners of the Poetry Month Contest are:

1st My Poet’s Dream – JennDTX
2nd The Poem, The Poet And Poetry – Night_Sky_Of_Feelings
3rd The spirit of poetry – tudoricus

Congratulations to the winners!!

All winners have been emailed their prizes :)


National Poetry Month 2012

Happy National Poetry Month to all the poets, poetesses, and poetry enthusiasts out there!! May your month be filled with many amazing poems :)

Thoughts Inc. will be having a special contest in celebration of National Poetry Month. The contest will open on Thursday 4/5 and will remain open for submissions for 14 days. At which point a poll will be opened for members to vote. The topic will be “poetry” and you may enter any format poem on the subject. More information will be included in the contest guidelines when it begins. All prizes for this contest are doubled!! So…1st=$50….2nd=$30 ….3rd=$20.