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thought-quotesThoughts ever-growing database of quotes was recently revamped! The database currently houses over 600 categorized quotes written by authors, philosophers, and artists. The revamped site includes:

  • An improved search tool
  • Multiple navigation methods
  • Some fresh paint

There is also a form on the right side of the site where you can submit a quote to the database if you would like. Check it out @ Thought Quotes


New Resource Launched

Hi everyone, this summer we have been busy creating a new resource section that was just rolled out!


The new resource was essentially created to house FAQs explaining Thoughts features as well as poetry and writing resources. One helpful feature that was added to the resource is a predictive search tool. Another feature is a thumbs up and thumbs down rating system. There have only been a handful of posts added so far but more will be added soon. In addition, it is possible for anyone to contribute by locating the “add a resource post” link on the right bottom corner of the page. Check it out! Thoughts Resource


Facts About Fiction

benefits-to-readingLeisure reading has fallen as a popular activity with people over the last two years. New studies in Canada have shown several benefits to reading fiction, especially in children.

The University of Toronto has reported that two new studies they have conducted suggest that this may have negative repercussions on children and adults. The main focus is on the Soft Skills; the personal attributes that enhance a person’s individual interactions, job performance, habits and overall friendliness. These are directly equated with the Emotional Intelligence Quotient or “EQ”.

A leading author in the area of personal development, Maja Djikic, Ph.D. is the Director of Self-Development at the Rotman Shool of Management. She sites these findings as have a particular repercussion for our schools, noting a dangerous trend away from arts and soft skills.

[message_box color="red"]“The prejudice of adulthood that reading fiction is inferior seems to be finding its way straight into our schools,” said Djikic, a senior research associate at the University of Toronto. “You think it’s going to help students out there in real life (to emphasize quantifiable skills) when, in fact, nothing will help them more than being able to think well and understand other people.”[/message_box]

There are two main factors fiction can affect.

Increases Empathy

Cognitive Empathy or the ability to understand what another person is feeling is higher among frequent readers of fiction. People who are not curious or open to experience show a significant boost in empathy after reading only 6,000 words.

Lowers Anxiety

Reading fiction can lower the discomfort of ambiguity because the fictional chaos is not directly affecting us and we can be more accepting of it. The experiences in reading can prepare us emotionally for real life and the need for order lessens.

Our personal development is a lifelong process. So remember to eat right, get some rest, exercise and read some fiction.

To learn more about this subject visit: The Affects of Literature on Empathy by: Maja Djikic

About The Author

Robert Hatfield hails from mid-western Ohio. Comedy and Adventure stories are his passion. Editing and Reviewing are the fields of work he enjoys. Writing has been an interest for the past 25 years and he now has the time to pursue it. As a Moderator on, he welcomes any questions or requests for help.

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December 2012 News


December 2012 Writing Contest

Topic- What December means to me

Format- any genre, first person
Submissions: 12/1/12-12/15/12 @11:59pm est.

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November Open Format Winners

The November 2012 open format contest has concluded! All of the works entered into the contest this month were great so Thoughts Inc. would like thank everyone who wrote and/or voted in the contest! Without further ado the winners of November’s writing contest are:

1st In some ways.. -by uniquelylost

2nd Life Without You- by KC

3rd Flanders Field (Sonnet)- by Night_Sky_Of_Feelings


Featured Writing

Bee end by c4a1g

Neverlasting by TonyGiffin

Fierce Autumn- by claudiu

Nightlight- by SerenaLantha


Monthly Writing Quote

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.
-Robert Frost[/column]


Website Updates

The quote page was updated! It’s now much more usable via smart phones and tablets. The database is up to 600 quotes by 51 different authors, artists, and philosophers. Check it out here



November News

Memories Writing Contest Winners

The 20 words or less Memories Writing Contest has come to an end! We would like thank everyone who participated in the contest and the judges!! Without further ado the winners of the memories writing contest are:

1st- My Son- by lnolan

2nd-  1941,’42 After battle moment- by claudiu

3rd-  Who I Am- by SerenaLantha

 November Contest

Open format and topic- ß∃ ℃ґℯ@⊥ї♥℮

Submissions: 11/5/12-11/16/12


Featured Writing

How I got into writing as I do now- by Ritski

Why I Write-
by  tlhopkinson

Lost my marbles-
by c4a1g


Monthly Writing Tip
When editing it can be helpful to save the first draft and read the piece again on another day, fresh eyes catch more mistakes!



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Website Updates

October was spent working on the new member profiles which are now available! The new profiles have many new features. A major change is you can now post on your profile and comment on others. read more