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writing-productivelyI have researched and found that most famous writers from the past used a technique for writing. Almost any famous writer you could think of woke in the morning and grabbed a pen and started writing. Our best writing is done when our minds are tired but who feels like writing after a long day and we want to sleep. So the alternative is to write at waking, with the imagination full from all our dreams and the mind is still waking up.

Remembering that you need to write at some point in the day and forcing yourself to do so, as we all know, leads to writer block and frustration, causing us to harbor a distain for our passion. Learning this technique brings back the joy and self-confidence. Just imagine loving to write again.

Waking up and bringing the mind to full functioning through writing is a win, win situation. You are productive and what better way to start your day than a satisfying round of doing what you love. I have been practicing this for the last few days and have been adding chapters to a story that I gave up on writing a year ago. I find I can’t write fast enough. I have to use pencil and paper because firing up my writing program starts my mind thinking about that and not about the fleeting thoughts floating in my head.

You literally have to rise out of bed and immediately start writing. You will lose your dreams if you don’t start right away.  For the first time in years I love waking up. The productiveness adds something that I carry with me through the day. Write all you can then go to the bathroom or smoke or get some coffee but return right away to jot down any other info you recall. Milk your mind like a farmer milks a cow early in the morning. Before you know it you’ll have buckets full and might even start to make some cheese…..Oh no I didn’t…. snap. Hey, I was going to use the phrase, “Milk those mental utterings.” So consider yourself lucky.

Mind you, you might not awaken with material that fits into a project you are working on but you will want to write it down anyway. No matter how odd or silly, save and savor these golden nuggets for poems or short stories or whatever prose you like.

Find your best time for writing and stick to it. Practice this and I assure you it will bring you new life to your writing.

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forgewrightRobert Hatfield hails from mid-western Ohio. Comedy and Adventure stories are his passion. Editing and Reviewing are the fields of work he enjoys. Writing has been an interest for the past 25 years and he now has the time to pursue it. As a Moderator on, he welcomes any questions or requests for help.

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