3/24/13 A Year and a Half Journey

feather-penHello everyone,

This March marks Thoughts Incorporated’s first year and a half online! As always we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone who has supported our community over this time. Much gratitude goes out to Thoughts Inc. members, visitors, moderators, developers, those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere! Due to the continued support the site has received Thoughts Inc. will remain free and open for writers and readers of all levels to use. On the lighter side of things, here are some of the website stats as of 3/23/13:

Visitors from 125 countries have visited the site! The countries with the most visits are as follows: 1. United States, 2. Canada, 3. United Kingdom, 4. Romania, 5. Switzerland, 6. Ireland.

The site has received over 164,000 pageviews!

The site has been visited on 210 different types of mobile devices. The most frequent include: 1. HTC Incredible, 2. Apple iPhone, 3. Motorola RAZR, 4. Apple iPad.

Over 7,411 posts made in the writing forum!

113 writings were featured!


Thoughts Incorporated


3/2/12 Update

Hello world,

Thoughts Inc. would like to let everyone know how thankful we are for all of the support we’ve received since our site was launched. Our members, supporters, and visitors have all been great. Thank you all! Our community has been online for 4 months now. The time frame has been short but the journey has been wonderfully vast. As of today our site has over 75,000 page views and has been viewed in over 47 countries!!

On Monday 3/5 our next writing contest will be start. For our March contest any type of creative writing will be accepted such as: poems, stories, speeches, memoirs, etc. As always we encourage everyone to participate either by submitting writing or by voting.


Thoughts Incorporated