The Road Not Taken Writing Contest

In celebration of Robert Frost’s upcoming birthday, Thoughts Inc. is hosting a writing contest dedicated to the poet!
Topic: In response to or inspired by Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”
Format: Open
The Prize: 1st place= Kindle Fire (amazon gift card $159.00)
Submissions: 2/19/13 – 3/18/13 @ 11:59pm EST.
Poll: 3/19/13 – 3/25/13 @ 11:59pm EST.
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  1. Killerelite
    Killerelite says:

    Killer’s toast to Robert Frost’s upcoming birthday. Raise your glasses high folks. Hmmmm Hmmmm. “Never a finer poet was nor shall be and though I really never levitated my military mind to your kind of creepy quasi rhymey not really style Bob, you gave me inspiration to manifest a doggerel on you behalf. Semper FI.”

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